My vision

My vision for Thebucketlistgirl is ultimately to inspire people to create a useful life. Live your own life. What you make of it is up to you, which is why my approach as Thebucketlistgirl is to assist you in making and shaping your life.

mY Story

My sweet sixteen started with the innovative idea of starting my own business. The first thought when I woke up was ‘I am the bucket list girl’. As always, I didn’t just take it lightly. I ran to my dad, saying, I have a business idea. and ‘Thebucketlistgirl’ was born.

Meet the Team

It is with a heart of gratitude and thankfulness that I thank these people for all of the input and investments they’ve made in my life and I in their life.V

Neteske Gavin

This is your bucket list girl. I am honoured to be apart of your journey.